Wattson is a small but powerful app which will help you to understand and control your energy usage. You can monitor your home water, gas and electricity usage. So you can adjust your lifestyle to reduce your consumption and therefore your bill!

For this, just record your meter readings regularly and the application performs all the calculations for you. It will highlight the consumption increase or decrease in quantity and cost.


  • Support two rate meters
  • Manage multiple counters organized by property
  • Support of different sizes, types (electricity, gas, water) and units of measurement
  • Monitor your daily consumption, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual
  • Check the amount of your annual bill and the daily cost of your consumption
  • Follow the evolution of the price of your supplier
  • Statistics tabular and graphical
  • Reminder system


  • Manage yearly and monthly consumption targets
  • Backup your data on Google Drive or phone storage
  • Import/export functionalities
  • More statistics/charts available
  • Number of meter, reminder and propertie not limited
  • Support the development of the application (new features and improvements)
  • New features will coming soon …