Ever wonder how much that light bulb is costing you? Is it really worth switching to compact fluorescent or LED bulbs?
Using some simple math, you can calculate how much electricity any bulb uses. But don't worry! Bulbs Lifetime will do it for you!

Wattson 1.5 now support two rate meters.

We also made several improvoments.

Google announced a new version of Android. Don't worry ! Our applications will be ready for it !

Discount Calculator version 1.3.1 is available ! New icon, user interface improved. Ready for summer sales !

With Wattson 1.4 you can now import or export your data through CSV file.

Discover the new icon of the app !

We also made some minor improvements.

With Wattson 1.3 we introduced a new feature. You can now manage yearly and monthly energy usage targets. Saving energy and money is much easier.

We also made several improvoments. The most important is the overall application performance.

What's new in MABL 1.3.3 ?
  • Currency support for sales report added
  • Sales statistics improved
  • Complete Asset Studio integration
  • Missed add and remove application features
More information here : MAB-LAB